Essential Arnica Gel
Essential Arnica Gel



Horses are athletes. As such their physical well being correlates to their success, and thus our success and enjoyment. Proper body work can greatly improve performance, longevity and allow you to get the most of your horse.


Proven to enhance performance, potentially reduce injuries and promote faster healing, equine body work has become an integral part of training regiments.


Proper conditioning is essential to health and performance, these non-invasive techniques target stressed muscles that may lead to severe problems if left undetected.


Body work can help prevent debilitating injuries such as lameness and severe behavioral problems, while improving overall health.


In 2007 customer's demand encouraged Tristan to create and develop Equine Arnica Gel. This natural arnica product is infused with calming carrot seed oil in soothing aloe vera.


Equine Arnica Gel offers pain relief and speeds healing, naturally, fast.


This product was so popular with people, the medical community urged Tristan to produce a human version, Essential Arnica Gel. This is the same strength as Equine Arnica Gel and is unscented.


Tristan has well over 300 classroom hours and an array of skills that compliment her equine massage therapy training including:

Reiki Master/Teacher
Myofascial Release
Herbs/Natural Remedies

Tristan offers services starting at $85 for a full session. Maintenance programs are available for as little as $45. She has decades of experience providing presentations/clinics in body work, conditioning, relaxation techniques and much more.


Want to become an Equine Bodyworker? Tristan offers hands-on post-certification, training sessions to make your education work for you and achieve your career goals.



Testimonial from customers

We appreciate Tristan's well-rounded approach. Even our sensitive horses love her working on them


~ Ken W.
Cave Creek, AZ




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