Essential Arnica Gel
Essential Arnica Gel



With over 30 years of experience built on a strong educational base we are dedicated to the health, success and happiness of horse and rider.


Equine Arnica Gel combines the soothing properties of natural aloe vera with the unique healing and therapeutic benefits of arnica to help prevent and alleviate muscle soreness, bruises and stiffness. Infused with calming carrot seed oil.


Our Equine Arnica Gel product and Equine Body Work services are customized to improve the lives of all types of equids, in all disciplines, all over the world.



Testimonial from customers

Our entire family uses Tristan Jade Apothecary's Arnica Gel products. My parents use it on their arthritic joints, my kids and I use it on our sore muscles. I use the Equine on my horses and senior dogs.


~ Karen
Seattle, Washington




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